Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Second Blog

Just letting people know, though it's in no way Disney-related, that I will be contributing to an animal rights blog for the Times Union Newspaper along with three other activists.

I have just posted my introductory blog, but more will hopefully be coming soon.

Myself aside, it's well worth the read because Pat Battuello will be resuming his rightful place of blogitude. His posts are always incredibly erudite and well-written.

Even if you're not a local (as most of your aren't) please consider checking it out anyway; it will discuss primarily national issues of animal interest, so all are welcome.

You can find it at:



  1. Thanks Jennifer! I knew I was forgetting something... :-)

  2. Great, thanks! It looks like a fantastic blog.

  3. Thanks. Pat is a real asset to the animal rights community. (I haven't met or read anything by the other two contributors, but I'm sure they'll be great too.)

    If you're interested, Pat also writes a blog at this address:

    Thanks for your interest!