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From an Anonymous Poster (AJ)

This was kindly posted in the comment section of my last entry, but since I feel it has some good relevant information, I'm giving it a spot of its own.

(Incidentally, our next trip is quickly approaching, so I hope to be posting my own finds shorty!)
Thanks for reading.

And AJ, thanks for sharing!

We have just returned from a week at Disney World. I am not really vegan. I will eat things prepared with butter or milk if there are no other options, no eggs or meat of any kind though and I am real weird about the hidden animal derived ingredients that I have trouble pronouncing. It is just all real gross to me. I traveled with my husband, my six year old twins, and my parents – all meat eaters.Here is what I ate and my experiences dining at Disney.

Day 1 – Vegan chili, fries, and apple pie at Columbia Harbour House – always very good
Day 2- Lunch -Tusker House – Marakesh couscous, roasted potatoes, pita bread, and fresh fruit – best pineapple ever, not crazy about much else
Supper- vegan pizza at Wolfgang puck express- tomatos, zucinni, onion, and peppers,NO cheese- Special ordered – very good but it could have used a little sauce
Day 3 – Lunch – Via Napoli -their vegetable pizza minus the cheese added olives- OK but no where near as good as Wolfgang Puck
Supper – Garden Grill – special ordered- vegetarian pot pie no topping to make it vegan, side of corn and other mixed veggies (heavy on butter if that bothers you), bread, fruit crumble ( again has butter in the topping, comes with cream but they put that on the side – I talked with the chef here – not a great meal, however I think my special order was better than my families preplated meal – good only if your kids really want to eat with Chip and Dale, mine did
Day 4- Pop Century food court – Lunch – Black bean burrito (not on the menu) pick your own toppings, comes with tortilla chips – this was good, but I tried to order it later in the trip at supper and the black beans have meat in them at night
Supper – food court again- Asian salad no chicken -I did not ask about the dressing – just hoping for the best – I really wanted the salad so I really just did not want to know – it was a good salad
Day 5 – Lunch – Hollywood and Vine – Bean cassarole and rice, roll, tofutti ice cream (you have to ask) with strawberry syrup – I really like the mixed beans here
Supper – vegetable soup (food court again)
Day 6- Liberty Tree Tavern (had not planned to eat here, but it turned out Ok) Liberty salad – no meat, cheese or pecans (candied with egg glaze, I was sad because I really wanted pecans in the salad)- talked to the chef- he thought I was crazy because they have a vegetarian burger that he can make vegan – I just don’t like fake burgers it is too much like the real thing plus I can’t help but think there are gross animal by products in the bun – he really recommended the burger but reluctantly made the salad – it was pretty good with just greens, dressing, cranberries, and apples. I also got a very good strawberry sorbet.
Day 7 – 50’s Prime Time – spaghetti and “meat”balls- on the menu, minus cheese to make it vegan, decent if you like spaghetti. I did not try the “meat”balls, I just pushed them to the side, I had another tofutti sundae, and a vanilla coke – the coke was great!

Snacks – Divvies cookies (first time to try them – I am definately a new Divvies fan), donut and cupcake top from Babycakes ( I am not a fan. The donut was the size of a half dollar and very dried out. The icing on the cupcake top was foamy and gross). Pretzel and popcorn (Disney has the best popcorn ever!)

I hope this is helpful to somebody headed to Disney and don’t forget get fastpasses to Toy Story Mania early – it’s the best ride there! Also if you have a little boy between 4-10 sign him up for Jedi training.


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