Monday, October 24, 2011

A Specific Chef TJ Post

I get a lot of questions regarding Chef TJ's schedule, and generally speaking, these days, your guesses are as good as mine since the chefs themselves don't generally know their schedule until just a week or so before.

Generally, he's done the whole Sunday-Thursday thing, however, I just received a call today informing me that due to the Food and Wine Fest, his schedule right now is more inconsistent than normal. He's been doing cooking demos which I hear are very good. (Though I don't know as getting to one will be in the cards for our upcoming trip...)

For anyone who's going in the next couple of weeks, he's working on 10/27, then 10/30-11/2. Then apparently he's off for another week or so.

This information was a considerable bummer because we had booked two night at 1900 PF, only to find out he wasn't going to be there either night. We are changing one of them, so hopefully I'll get one Chef TJ meal during the trip, and due to the lack of availability at this late stage, it looks like we'll be keeping the second ressie and hoping for the best.

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  1. I'm so excited to see pictures from your most recent trip! I'm going in december and have adrs for Kouzzina and Boma. Can't wait to see if you've found any new awesome places.